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  • تبصير وقراءة الفنجان والأبراج

    تبصير وقراءة الفنجان والأبراج

    التنجيم مع القراء نفسية قراءة فنجان القهوة الخاصة بك ، ألكف ، الوجه ، الأحلام ، والحب! هل سبق لك أن تساءلت عما قد يحمله لك المستقبل؟ ماذا سيحدث غدا أو في العام القادم أو في السنوات القادمة؟ هل تريد أن تعرف متى ستقابل حبك الحقيقي؟ ما هو معنى اسمك ؟ و ماذا يدل في […]

  • Video Call & Multiple Messenger

    Video Call & Multiple Messenger

    Now with Video Call & Multiple Messenger you can use WhatsChat service on your iPhone and iPad. Launch multiple accounts by scanning the QR code. You can also get Instant Video and Voice calling feature with encrypted channels for your privacy. Video Call your friends and family with great resolution. Enjoy group video calling with […]

  • Private Adult Chat

    Private Adult Chat

    Our App is a Friend Maker & Share Your Pics app available for iPhone. It’s the world’s fastest social messaging & pic sharing app. Private Adult Chat! Let’s you share your pics, message your friends & Loved Ones in public and PRIVATE. Switch to Private Adult Chat to send and receive messages, photos, videos, stickers […]

  • Black Camera – Video Recording

    Black Camera – Video Recording

    Special Offer: For a LIMITED period of time the APP is for only $1.99 Black Camera – Video Recording, enables you to take photos and videos. It saves your private selfie session and video recordings from prying eyes! Choose which camera (Front or Back) you want to use and just touch the screen and your […]

  • Secured Selfies & Photos

    Secured Selfies & Photos

    Secured Selfies & Photos is the best private app to keep all of your selfie, photos, pictures, safe behind a secure PIN and your fingerprint (Touch ID). You can simply import your files (selfie, photos, pictures) from Camera Roll, or take photos straight from the App. KEY FEATURES: •SECURE VAULT Import photos from your Camera […]

  • Calendar+ Widget

    Calendar+ Widget

    Unlike the built-in calendar today widget in iOS which can only display events from today. This app aims to solve that and enables you to see your calendar events in the notification center for up to one week (7 days) in the future, with no extra frills, instead of the standard today or tomorrow only. […]