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  • SWAT Vs Zombies: Real Battles

    SWAT Vs Zombies: Real Battles

    Play as a SWAT team member and survive through hordes of the walking dead shedding their blood and earning cash to unlock new weapons. Install the game for free. Play as a hero the city needs as you try to take down as many zombies as possible. Earn cash money to use on weapon upgrades…

  • Hexagon Tower Fall

    Hexagon Tower Fall

    How long can this tower hold up the hexagon? That all depends on you! Carefully remove the shapes and see if you can prevent it from tumbling off one of its sides in this challenging puzzle game. Tap the tower blocks to make the hexagon reach the highest score and compete with your friends.

  • Crypto Index & News

    Crypto Index & News

    Crypto Index & News is an all in 1 app that includes – How rich you would be if you had invested in Crypto – Fear & Greed Index – News – Coin Bubbles Download it for free Crypto Index & News is an all in one app that includes the how rich you would…

  • Darts Pro

    Darts Pro

    Are you a darts master? Prove it in 3D Darts Pro. This classic online darts game is sure to entertain and sharpen your darts skills. Download it now for FREE. Download the best 3D Darts game now and enjoy competing against real opponents in epic darts matches. Easy to learn with a simple swipe-to-throw mechanic,…

  • Pop It

    Pop It

    Meet the popular antistress toy Classic Pop It and get a burst of satisfying, colorful, anti stress fun at your fingertips any time by downloading the game for free! The party’s really popping in Classic Pop It. The pitch-perfect puzzle game where you just point your finger at the screen and pop, pop, pop! Dive…

  • Tap Supermarket

    Tap Supermarket

    A huge supermarket has appeared in our city and you will become its manager, who will be responsible for literally everything. In addition, you should gradually expand the range of products by buying additional shelves and filling them to the top. Make sure that all goods are laid out; do not allow the buyer to…

  • Open Restaurant

    Open Restaurant

    Open Restaurant is a fast-paced restaurant management game. Just as in most of many restaurant games, you need to seat the customers, take their orders, deliver their food, collect the bill, and clean the table. Do all of these actions quickly and efficiently to reach the daily target income to go to the next day.…

  • Jump Ninja Hero

    Jump Ninja Hero

    Hey ninja, let’s jump! Jump Ninja Hero is an addicting and difficult running avoid game. In this game you need to act as a ninja and run in an endless cave, there will be many blades that wants to hurt you, avoid them and live longer time. Enjoy this endless ninja game for free, the…