SWAT Vs Zombies: Real Battles

Play as a SWAT team member and survive through hordes of the walking dead shedding their blood and earning cash to unlock new weapons.

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Play as a hero the city needs as you try to take down as many zombies as possible. Earn cash money to use on weapon upgrades and ammo as you attempt to survive as long as possible. Blast away wave after wave of undead as you try to be the hero you always knew you could be in this epic online zombie shooting game.

How to play: Use touch controls to move, attack and change weapons.

The only thing standing between order and chaos in a world overrun with zombies is this fearless SWAT team member. He’s fighting his way towards a laboratory that could hold the secret to stopping the madness. Can you help him battle the undead and collect cash to buy tons of incredibly awesome weapons in this blood-soaked action game?

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