Crypto Index & News

Crypto Index & News is an all in 1 app that includes

– How rich you would be if you had invested in Crypto

– Fear & Greed Index

– News

– Coin Bubbles

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Crypto Index & News is an all in one app that includes the how rich you would be if you had invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin on the day they launched, or all those times you talked about it? You can now check how much you would have earned. The app also includes the live fear and greed index explained with historical line graph and all parameters explained.

Besides all that the app includes a crypto news aggregator that you can trust. The best sources from around the world, all in one place. The news provides you reliable information. Get access to the latest crypto news affecting business, coin market cap, trading and investing. All news are updated on a daily basis.

In order to monitor the market the app also includes Coin Bubbles with an interactive visualisation tool for the cryptocurrency market. The 1000 biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are visualised each as a bubble. You can customize the size, color and content of the bubbles to whatever you like to visualize.

Enjoy the Crypto Index & News app and download it for free.