Money Manager+

Money Manager+ app is an expense management application for counting your expenses. It helps you track your financial activity efficiently. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward and very easy to use. It’s done in one click, because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. No matter where you are just a couple of taps will save your expenses. All your data is synced automatically with your iCloud account.
Features which makes Money Manager+ enjoyable and powerful:
– Free app with no subscription fees
– Add new records extremely fast
– Multi-currency support
– Synchronized using your own iCloud account
– Reporting
– Track recurring records easily
– Super easy and simple to enter data anytime, anywhere.
– View your spending tendencies graphically
– View statistics by simply entering the data
– Search and calculator functions
– Check weekly, monthly, and annual statistics
– Use budget planning features to plan weekly, monthly, and annual budgets.
– iCloud backups
– Share your expenses in .csv format