Brainy Alphabets

Join millions of families worldwide and download Brainy Alphabets. With over 150,000 interactive games, your child can learn everyday life skills, practice math, enrich their vocabulary, face critical thinking activities and much more.

Children’s voices, quirky illustrations, and highlighted text encourage a child, alone or with parental or teacher guidance, to explore and learn crucial pre-literacy and literacy skills, and to master:

– The alphabet

– 92 key phonics sounds

– 40 pre-K sight words

– 52 kindergarten sight words

– Use phonetic principles to learn the fun children’s language Pig Latin

Brainy Alphabets elementary options include:

(1) Alphabet Letters, introduces the 26 basic letter/sound combinations of the English alphabet, with three picture/audio/text examples demonstrating each letter. Optional quizzes encourage children to select the correct letter/sound to earn puzzle pieces, create a classic picture, and hear a traditional rhyme illustrating the target letter/sound.

(2) The Phonics option builds on Alphabet Letters by demonstrating 92 of the most common American-English letter/sound combinations, each with three sample words and focused quizzes. Any child who earns the 12 pieces to create one of the 92 target puzzles will have mastered that target letter-sound combination. Learning phonics allows children to decode and learn to read most words, but Brainy Phonics also guides them to immediately recognize sets of quite common short words without using phonics, selected verbs (can, run, play, etc.), pronouns (he, she, you, it, etc.), prepositions (in, to, of, with, etc.), adverbs (up, down, well, etc.), adjectives (good, pretty, blue, etc.), conjunctions (or, and, but, etc.), and other words.

(3) Children hear a phrase or sentence and see text and a picture introducing each of the 40 Pre-Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words and each of the (4) 52 Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words; again multiple quizzes reinforce the learning process and encourage mastery.